Corporate Responsibility

We represent our clients in various purchasing countries and are in continuous contact with suppliers and factories. Even in tough competition, we want to evaluate suppliers in terms of their social compliance. We always perform social responsibility checks as part of factory audits, and we believe that product quality and safety are also integral aspects of corporate responsibility.

In our Shanghai office we have a social compliance and environment team whose tasks are to evaluate, monitor and report on social compliance through factory visits. This unit also helps our staff in all matters concerning social compliance in China. This Social Audit team provides its services to different companies, for both Consumer and Industry clients (Please see the Service/Social Audit section).

We want to take care of our personnel, maintain work safety, and promote the welfare and development of our personnel. We arrange regular job satisfaction surveys, and all of our offices conduct annual development reviews. Because we operate in many different countries and locations, it’s a challenge to maintain good communication and information flows. That’s why we’ve set up an intranet to improve the flow of information to our staff, in addition to regularly monthly meetings.

Our charitable work includes supporting an orphanage for abandoned children in Bangladesh.

Nikolai Sourcing always acts cost-efficiently to keep the company on a healthy economic foundation, thereby offering our personnel, clients and various partners a trustworthy, robust partner for co-operation. Nikolai Sourcing is a growth-oriented company whose chief aim is to achieve a profitable business and a healthy balance sheet.