KaukoPartio LTD acquires the Sourcing Services from ASPO PLC

Kaukopartio Ltd and Aspo Plc have today signed a deal on the Sourcing Services business of its Kaukomarkkinat Unit, part of Aspo Ventures. Sourcing Services operates through its five offices in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Finland. Sourcing Services employs 20 experts and the net sales is estimated to 1.3 million euros in 2008. Kaukopartio will change it’s name to Nikolai Sourcing Ltd during the autumn 2008.

Kaukopartio Ltd offers sourcing services to the industry from China. The Sourcing Services of the Kaukomarkkinat unit has a history of tens of years within the sourcing of consumer goods from China and the Far East. Combining the industry knowledge from Kaukopartio, and the sourcing knowledge towards the consumer goods market from Sourcing Services together, forms an excellent platform for future growth and market leadership. Nikolai Sourcing will be known for its good quality, exact delivery times, skilful personnel, customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Gustav Nyberg, CEO of Aspo: “The sale of Sourcing Services will clarify the structure of the Aspo Group. In the future, we will continue to focus on our core businesses. Kaukopartio Oy has acquired specialized knowledge in Far Eastern operations, and industrial sourcing services are their core competence. This is a great benefit to the employees and clients of the Sourcing Services Unit.”

”This is a unique opportunity to buy a sourcing business which has been on the market for tens of years. The skills and the commitment of the personnel, outstanding customer relationships and vendor contacts and a solid market position where the most important reasons for the acquisition. There is an instant need of a professional sourcing partner serving the consumer goods companies but especially today helping the industry to reach cost efficient sourcing benefits” comments Edvard Krogius, Kaukopartio Ltd, managing director and founding partner.

The share holders of Nikolai Sourcing Ltd will after the closing be as follows: Mr. Edvard Krogius, Ms. Merja Räsänen, Mr. Christer Sumelius (Board Member of Glaston Plc and Tecnomen Plc), Mr. Johan Hammarén (Fondia Ltd Managing Director, Board Member of Tecnomen Plc, Aspocomp Plc, Inbera Electronics Ltd, Beneq Ltd) and Mr. Ismo Anttila (Talent Partners, Senior Partner). Merja Räsänen, Director, has been in the lead of the Sourcing Services since year 2000 and she will continue in the same position. Ismo Anttila, Christer Sumelius and Edvard Krogius are board members of Nikolai Sourcing Ltd.

Edvard Krogius, Managing Director, Kaukopartio Ltd, +358 50 322 9392,
Gustav Nyberg, CEO, Aspo Plc, +358 40 503 6420,

Kaukopartio was founded autumn 2007. Kaukopartio offers sourcing and logistics solutions to Finnish industry and trade companies from the Far East. Kaukopartio’s main operation area is China. Kaukopartio will change its name and visual guideline to Nikolai Sourcing Ltd during the autumn 2008.

Aspo is a conglomerate focused on sectors that require extensive specialist knowledge. Aspo owns and develops the leading businesses in its sector, which include ESL Shipping, Leipurin as well as Telko. Additionally, Aspo Ventures consists of developing businesses, such as Kaukomarkkinat. Aspo serves demanding business-to-business clients. In 2007, the company’s net sales (pro forma) amounted to EUR 495.3 million.

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