• Social responsibility

The Social Compliance unit at Nikolai Sourcing concentrates on social and environmental audits of suppliers and factories. Our experienced auditors evaluate factories, make corrective action plans (CAP), provide guidance and produce reports. Follow-up visits also play an important role in evaluating and rating factories according to their attitude and performance in social compliance. The objective is for factories to obtain an international certification or standard, or to satisfy the requirements of the purchasing company’s own code of the conduct. Certifications and standards are granted by the official auditing organization, but we assist in practical arrangements.

Social audits provide more information to buyers concerning suppliers, factories and the entire supplier chain, improve their performance and reduce the buyer’s risk when operating in high-risk countries.

• Quality controls

Our company also offers separate quality control services to Consumer and Industrial enterprises.

Our quality control service includes qualitative target setting with the client, optimization of the manufacturing process according to the quality targets, quality inspection during production and/or final inspection of products.

Quality control is always performed by Nikolai Sourcing’s local staff.

• Factory audits

Nikolai Sourcing’s factory audit service helps the companies to ensure that the technical capability of the potential suppliers/manufacturers meet the requirements of the purchasing company.

Nikolai Sourcing’s local staff verify the following issues: • staff numbers and skills • equipment and machinery • suitability of the premises • quality assurance process and tools • workable logistics

factory audit conducted by a local expert provides a realistic and reliable picture of the performance capability of the co-operation partner.

• Consulting

• Engineering services

• Export sales