Customers Challenge

Why should you consider sourcing from Asia? The main reason for companies to source from low cost countries is to achieve cost competitiveness, secure capacity requirements and to make a profit. However many challenges have to be faced before these benefits can be realized.

How to start? Finding a reliable partner that understands your needs is most important. Cultural differences and geographical distance need to be taken into consideration. Finding the right partner helps in solving many of the typical issues faced in sourcing the needed goods and materials.

Cost efficiency; Is the most important factor in striving for long term cost competitiveness. Cost efficiency is affected by volume and the selection of the right suppliers, but on the whole the efficient sourcing process itself as well enables total cost optimization.

Delivery reliability; How can you be sure that you get your deliveries on time? A hands on approach, flexibility, regular delivery controls and reporting practices backed up by our experienced staff guarantees satisfactory deliveries every time.

Supplier and product quality; Quality, quality, quality – today’s companies cannot afford poor quality. Supplier audits, hands on quality controls and improving supplier performance are some of the critical measures.

New products and innovations; The skills and experience of the sourcing personnel are invaluable in utilizing every opportunity. Your sourcing partner needs to be proactive and innovative in order to meet your future requirements.

Corporate responsibility; How do you fulfill corporate social responsibility? How do you ensure the supply chain compliance? Choose the right sourcing partner.